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Design and print an innovative brochure for Birmingham hospital

The Birmingham Nuffield Hospital


Produce literature to raise awareness among GPs of services / consultants at The Birmingham Nuffield Hospital.


The Hospital's route to patients is, largely, via GP referral. This is dependent upon the GPs knowing which consultants and facilities are available at any given hospital. The GP liaison team was keen to have a brochure they could leave in surgeries as a prompt/aide memoir.


Metropolis 2 and client ran a brainstorming session regarding factors which would determine longevity and user-friendly nature of the brochure. The results of the session were to dictate the physical properties of the brochure.



The brochure had to allow for easy updating of consultant and service details. It also had to be cost-effective as, being a charity, the Hospital's budget was tight. Metropolis 2 produced an economic quantity of an A5 ring binder with prominent Nuffield branding and imagery, and a series of facility and treatment dividers, which could be read via the transparent margin of the binder's wipe-clean cover. The agency produced a template into which the GP Liaison team could enter the details of the individual consultants (including photos) and the services/facilities. These could then be produced by the team on their laser printers as appropriate and collated in the binders offering a professional, cost-effective product.


The GPs have been enthusiastic, appreciating both the information and its presentation. They are happy to update the binder as the GP Liaison team circulates details of new consultants, additional services and so on. The management at the Hospital is sure that the brochure is facilitating patient referral and playing a key role in its increase.

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