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Public Relations

Public RelationsMany agencies offer PR services, but Metropolis 2 provides an entire PR solution. This solution for many clients focuses upon the entire spectrum of media relations, for example managing their press office, not simply writing two or three press releases each month.

That said, some clients' objectives and aspirations call for PR campaigns which include internal communications, community or corporate relations, lobbying, seminars, or newsletters

The likelihood is that whichever solution is required, the common denominator will be that successful management of the client's reputation is paramount.

For more information on what Birmingham PR agency Metropolis 2 can do for you in regards to Public Relations, contact us today or alternatively check out some of our case studies. For example:

GISC - Track PR-generated coverage in professional and consumer press

Old Crown - Chef's Special

Transint - Raise profile via PR campaign

MIS - Produce a newsletter to convey engineering capabilities

MedicDirect - Launch of a new venture

TOREX Retail - Promote capabilities and increase market place confidence

learndirect - Metropolis 2 wins PR account

Nuffield Hospital - design, write and print a newsletter to communicate with local community

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